Welkom op de site van ''Don't Ask''

NOYFB is een airsoft vereniging dat vanuit Drenthe werkt en overal in Nederland te vinden is. Dit doen wij op een relaxte en gezellige manier al zijn wij als vereniging wel zeer gedreven op vooruitgang.

''This patch is from the 22nd Military Airlift Squadron, who flew C-5 Cargo aircraft out of a Travis Air Force Base in Northern California. Part of the 22nd MAS' mission was to conduct late night operations picking up classified aircraft from aerospace plants in Southern California and delivering them to classified locations for testing and evaluation


When the 22nd MAS undertook these missions, its crews would take off their everyday heraldry and Velcro this patch to their uniforms. The Black background and crescent moon on the patch probably represent the unit's night operations. The silver lining represents star light. The question mark signifies classified operations. The letters ''NOYFB'' stand for ''None of your F#g Business.''

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